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Andrew Tran Choreography - "No Less"

One of our brand ambassadors Andrew Tran getting down with some talented individuals! Humbly Rooted is and will always be heavily influenced by our roots. One being dance! We stand strong in supporting those who express themselves through art such as dancing. A way for an individual to showcase how they are feeling inside and translate it into movement. To tell a story from beginning to end and move the crowd/audience and take them along their journey. It takes a lot for a person to put themselves out there and be vulnerable to others when it comes to dancing especially putting your craft and art out there for everyone to see. Job well done Andrew! Glad to have you part of this team! More to come in the future!


Music :
"No Less" by SG Lewis

Performed By :
Chase Lihilihi - @chaselihilihi
Jaime Soriano - @himez
Jaylen Pea - @jayjayp16
Kevin Nguyen - @kev_nguyen
Matthew Sabino - @matthewmsabino
Paul Ross - @paulrossssss

Cinematography/Editing :
Kirk Saechao - @kirksaechao

Choreography By:

Andrew Tran - @theandrewdtran

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